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Business name marketing of local businesses, effectively in today’s world. You need good-looking, professionally dressed men and women at a variety of workplaces to approach. Greet and ask at the doors of your potential customers. People will walk right over your signage to get a chance to talk with the person behind the counter!

This is a great way to build a reputation for your local business name marketing or even to just attract more customers. People will also often go up to greet the staff as they will be wearing a name badge which is a great point of marketing. If your staff is well dressed you will also see people stopping to look at them. When they are passing through, just like they might stop and talk to a salesperson on the street.

This is because they have been exposed to the sales process so many times already. The first time they have just walked into the business. And they have been taught that ‘this is a cool guy who can give me business from the cool guy behind the counter.

What they will not do is approach the men and women in other departments and ask for their business cards. Even though you may see them wearing name badges on one or both arms. There is not a person in the world who will instinctively think ‘what a swell person, I’d like to have a coffee with them’.

However, if they are dressed casually with the name badge on the left arm. They will automatically think ‘hey this guy looks nice, I wonder if he could give me some business’.

The same applies if you do not have the name badges on the right arm; people will only see the staff. Even though you may see some people stopping to talk to him you will see no one approaching to approach.

However, if your staff wears name badges on both arms you will have seen people approach them and say ‘hi’. You will also see people turning towards the counter and looking to buy from him or her. Even though the person may have been hidden behind the counter. Business name marketing rests solely on the image your employees present to your customers.

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