Marketing Consultant.

Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant.

Marketing consultant: what does a marketing consultant do? I don’t only give advice, I understand what’s involved in marketing. And at 4good1 Limited/social media marketing agency, I have provided marketing services to a number of local companies since 2012. I have been doing marketing work for many years and have a lot of experience doing it in-house.

As an experienced marketing consultant, I have a good understanding of the different forms of marketing.
First of all, the client is advised of the best possible way for reaching his or her goal. However, this is only the first step.

The next step is to find out how much advertising budget is available to achieve the client’s goals.


The marketing advice I give is also the best possible method for the client’s needs. As a marketing consultant, I gather all the information I need from the client. How quickly they want this goal to be reached etc.

 Based on the results, as a marketing consultant, I determine what form of marketing would be best suited in order to fulfill the client’s needs. For example, social media such as Facebook, YouTube, pay-per-click, etc.


The consultant can then present a number of payment options to the customer. Once both parties are in full agreement and both parties are ready to proceed. 
Once the payment agreement has been finalized, payment can be in full,50%, or a minimum of 10% deposit. However, no work should begin until the client has paid the desired sum. Simply, a marketing adviser is only a guide for the client.
They should have comprehensive and in-depth knowledge about their field, so they can confidently address any issues clients might have.

Our professional team can assist with brand promotion, more inbound leads, or sales.

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