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Hello all, my name is Lester Wilson, and I am the owner of 4good1limited which was registered officially in 2011.

However, between me and my team, we have over forty years hands on experience. We cater for most social media marketing, email, targeted, video, mobile, tablets etc. Our mission statement:Quality, with Honesty And Integrity Always!

At 4good 1 Limited, We cater to businesses, and individuals. With cutting-edge social media marketing techniques, and strategies. We also specialise in seo services., and A.I. Conversion techniques for websites.

We are a social media agency covering Birmingham ,Wolverhampton,and the West Midlands.

However, our primary focus is providing social media agency services
for local businesses.
In the cities of Birmingham,Wolverhampton, west midlands in England u.k.
We do offer a variety of social media agency packages in Birmingham Wolverhampton, West Midlands, the entire United Kingdom, we have also completed work for businesses in other countries,although this is not our primary focus.

If someone who has used our services,recommends us to someone from another country,we will accommodate them.
We do not tie customers in with complicated contracts.
All we require is a simple 3 month agreement.
If after that period, we find that we are not a good fit, the customer is free to go.

The reason why we operate this way, is because we are confident we can deliver what we say.
The end result is a happy customer.
And if our customers are happy we are happy.

“If you are happy tell others, if you are unhappy tell us.”

4Good 1 Limited /Social Media Marketing Agency
Details from Google Maps
9 Norfolk Rd, Wolverhampton WV3 0JB
+44 7956 540219

(+44) 795-654-0219 4GOOD Limited VIDEO


  1. Hi – we have been given the opportunity to bid for some money to get marketing support over a 3-month period. At the moment the funding is not guaranteed, so I don’t want to waste too much of your time – but we have to provide 3 quotes from organisations, which our local authority will consider and then invite us to proceed to the next stage of the process if successful.

    The work would be:

    3-month campaign programme
    3 x Press release for local news outlets (West Midlands)
    Research mailing list (GDPR compliant)
    Production of email campaign
    Social campaign management – Including LinkedIn and Facebook advertising. Recommend running three 1-week campaigns on FB over a 3-month period (e.g., 21 days of campaigns)
    Facebook ad costs – approximately £10 per day for 21 days.

    Thanks again, I hope this info is sufficient – and look forward to hearing from you and supply a quote in the first instance.

    1. Hi Tim, thanks very much for replying.
      We can certainly accommodate your requirements.
      By all means, please consider us when you are successful.

      Kind Regards
      Lester e.a. Wilson
      4Good1 Limited

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