Pursuing a Career in Marketing

1m5.jpgPursuing a career in Marketing in the initial industry sense is defined as the promotion of products and services through advertising and/or branding. If you have considered attending business school, you will find many programs have a concentration solely dedicated to marketing, as it is an important part of any company, whether business-to-business or business-to-customer. Marketing is an industry destined to remain strong so long as there are products to be sold and services to be offered. If you feel you have a strong inclination toward promotion, design, and writing, a career in a marketing field could be for you.
Pursuing a Career in Marketing
Is it necessary to have a degree in Marketing to find a job in the industry? More than likely companies will look for one among applicants, yet it is possible to obtain a good job with a relevant degree – English or Journalism, or perhaps a certificate in Web Design or other creative technologies.
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I’ve recently come across a revolution to online marketing systems, a high ticket online business which allows you to generate huge money through three proven incomes streams while on autopilot. This is a system for all level online marketers from people who are just starting a career in internet marketing to the guru’s who generate millions. Are You Building a Career Or Making a Living?

Here I look at the difference in career thinking and its impact on life. I have a look at the term career itself, making comparisons to the term “making a living” and investigate whether it has an impact on our psyche and our approach to life.Though marketing tends to center on Internet concerns, with Web sites and social media accounting for the bulk of online advertising, it is important to know that older forms of branding and marketing just as important in reaching people. Print media, television, and radio continue to figure into marketing, so if you wish to pursue a specialty you may want to research your options.
Jobs available in Marketing vary from hands-on creative to detailed studies of the company’s market and target audience. Just some of the possible positions you could have in this field include, but are not limited to:
Web Design: If you have a knack for HTML and CSS, you can assist a company with its online presence.
Copywriter: All media, whether audio, video or print, requires strong, compelling copy to sell the product.
As a copywriter you can craft commercials or Web content, among other marketing tools.
Graphic Artist: If you are more inclined toward creative arts, you can put your talents to use designing bold advertising, brand logos, and Web images for a company in need.
Research Analyst: A good marketing department needs people to track successful and failing campaigns to determine how the budget is best spent.
For an outgoing, creative person with an aptitude for enhancing the best of a product or service, marketing just may be the career for you.



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